The COVID-19 pandemic has become a booster for technology acceleration in various fields. One of the most significant benefits is the acceleration of technology in the pharmaceutical sector, such as vaccines, medicines and diagnostic tools development, also digital health services. We believe that the acceleration of technology in the health field is already running well. However, it still needs to be continuously improved to face future health challenges or potential future pandemics. The Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Indonesia (FFUI) take action to contribute on a national and international level by encouraging research and technology in the pharmaceutical sector. We can elaborate on future development by taking the experience during COVID-19 pandemic as inspiration to face another challenge ahead. Therefore, FFUI will hold a scientific conference, “The 6th International Conference on Advance Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (ICAPPS)” carrying the theme “Post-Pandemic Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical Research”. It will be held hybrid, combining online conference and offline workshop.

ICAPPS is an annual program that aims to encourage research development in Indonesia. The leading researchers in their fields, students, academics, government and regulatory bodies, hospital and industry practitioners from within and outside the country will be invited to discuss and present the most recent cutting-edge research and technology in the pharmaceutical sector. Various topics in the pharmaceutical field will be discussed, including drug development, natural medicine, pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical biotechnology, pharmaceutical analysis, halal product development, pharmacology and toxicology, clinical and community pharmacy. At this conference, participants can present their latest research results in the pharmaceutical field, which will be reviewed and discussed by experts. Several selected manuscripts will be recommended for submission in national and international reputable journals. This scientific conference also holds workshops for practitioners and researchers in the pharmaceutical field in industry and hospitals.

FFUI also collaborates with the Indonesian Pharmacists Association (IAI) and highly reputable journals for ICAPPS. One of our partner journals, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research (PSR), which FFUI owns, has been indexed to SINTA 2. As a result, ICAPPS is expected to promote and disseminate updated research and pharmacy practice for future developments.



Timeline Session National (IDR) International (USD)
Early bird

(up to Sep 19th 2022)

Conference Student 250.000 21
Non-student 450.000 38
Workshop 1 (Phamacogenomics) 450.000 38
Workshop 2 (Phytomedicine) 750.000 63
Late registration

(September 19th  – October 15th)

Conference Student 500.000 42
Non-student 900.000 76
Workshop 1 (Phamacogenomics) 700.000 59
Workshop 2 (Phytomedicine) 1.000.000 84

*If you wish to join both conference and workshop, please sum-up the registration fee
*Both workshop will be held in parallel time, thus one participant can only choose 1 workshop
* For each payment, each participant is only allowed to submit and present one (1) abstract. If you wish to

present more than 1 abstract, please kindly make more payment.

Bank account : UI-ICAPPS FF UI
Account number : 8992-115-108001-392
Bank name : BNI 46
Bank address : BNI Kantor Cabang UI Depok